WhatsApp continues to provide the development of the application. Some time ago they announced the restrictions in forwarding the message and now the messenger of that plan will be to clean data that will remove any photos, videos, messages until the audio that users have. What became of the big reasons the big companies that do an overhaul like that.

WhatsApp is one of the messenger apps that is most successful in the present era. Its users reached more than 1.5 trillion people with their positions in more than 20 countries.

Of course, that means a lot of data also stored on their servers and increasing day by day. To prevent the buildup of it, WhatsApp should perform deletion of files in which much of the data stored is a photo and video.

The removal of the data it is not necessarily only due to the accumulation of data on the server. Cooperation with Google will also be one reason. Before WhatsApp have signed a contract of cooperation in which the users of WhatsApp have a Google Drive account that is only used to backup the messages of 15GB.


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No responsibility-responsibility, WhatsApp will run this plan on November 12, 2018. That means we still have about 3-4 months to enjoy the old files that we have if we do not want to backup.


As for the ways to backup, the data is first to make sure the Google Drive is connected with your gadget. Then from the menu, WhatsApp, head to settings, chats then chat backup. Select back up then automatically all your data in WhatsApp will be the backup. Please be aware you have to use Wi-Fi to enable this feature.

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