WhatsApp is a free and cross-platform messenger and Voice over IP (VoIP) application. Users can send text messages and voice recordings, make phone calls, and share documents and media securely to other WhatsApp users in individual or group chats. With the WhatsApp web app, users can sync their account on multiple devices to keep conversations flowing when at home on the desktop or on the go with mobile.

A variety of advanced features waiting to be injected into the WhatsApp. Later, the users who access the WhatsApp application on iOS will be given two options to open the application such as using fingerprint or face scanner.

This feature would be very useful to maintain and protect the privacy of chat that fad wants to read from the hands of ignorant. Where this feature is still in development in two phases Alpha and Beta.

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What is meant by the Alpha is a testing phase performed some internal company before it is finally done beta testing done by people outside the company until finally officially released to the public.


This feature can be enabled through settings on the iPhone, once activated, WhatsApp will add or ask for permission to use the features of biometric it to access WhatsApp.

When Touch ID and Face ID cannot recognize, then WhatsApp will ask the password iPhone. In addition to WhatsApp personal, this feature reportedly will also serve to WhatsApp Business.


If it had been released later, WhatsApp instead of the only instant messaging app that supports Touch ID and technology Face ID. Instant messaging applications like Telegram have first to support the development of biometric Apple to protect the chat messages you. Similarly, applications such as Microsoft Outlook also have the option to enable Touch ID and support ID Face. Source: WhatsApp 2019